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West Coast Tour

Your adventure begins on our custom-built powerboat RIB, designed specifically for fast but safe sightseeing and snorkeling. The 250hp twin-engine ‘Seafaris Explorer’ is fast, light, agile and quite unlike anything else in Grenada with no bashing through the seas like normal boats. The ride is amazing, very dry, extremely smooth and most importantly fun. There are unique seats for a perfect view, a ladder for convenient access to and from the water, a cooler of bottled drinking water and all the latest safety and snorkel equipment.

Explore the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park with us and discover unique sculptures set between the coral reefs of Molinere Bay.  Positioned in clear and shallow water, enjoy the wonderful relationship between the art of British sculptor Jason De Caires Taylor and a number of local artists, and the teeming marine life the sculptures attract. As part of the group that work to maintain and develop the Park, the crew of will ensure you have the best snorkel instruction and a guide will be in the water with you at all times to make sure you don't miss a thing.

The crew of Powerboat Adventure understand that not all our guests are confident in the water and we are totally focused on making sure you have the best possible time regardless of your level and ability. We are well practiced and patient in teaching guests to snorkel and have good-quality water-ski floatation vests for the less confident. Rest assured you will always be in good hands as our guide chaperones you around the park.

Experience a perfect mix of speed and sightseeing as you dash from bay to bay. Our experienced and knowledgeable guide will educate you on our rich history, culture, flora and fauna. You will learn about Grenada's active underwater volcano, our monkeys and armadillos, our whales and dolphins and our Leatherback turtles that can weigh over 2000lbs (that's about the same as everybody on the boat). After a good blast back to St George's let us tell you a little bit about our Capital. Voted the prettiest in the Caribbean, the buildings, the early explorers that settled from Europe, see some of the remaining damage caused by our most devastating hurricane in 2004. Hear a fascinating story about how a cruise ship burst into flames while anchored outside St Georges and finally sank just off the town leaving us with the biggest dive wreck in the Caribbean.

The diversity on, around and below Grenada is amazing and we will help you to experience it all.

What's included:

Unique seating offers perfect views
Expertly guided snorkel of the Underwater Sculpture Park
Cruise along the Grenadian Marine Protected Area coastline for great photo opportunities
PADI & US Coast Guard Life Saving qualified crew
Top of the range life vests and snorkel equipment
Custom-designed swim ladder for easy access to/from the water
Entrance/Conservation Fee to Marine Protected Area
Bottled Water

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Private Charters
For those who want something different or would like to make a group booking then why not enquire about our private charters. We offer great rates for charters and even discounts for small groups.

Private 2.5hr West Coast Tour
reserved just for you and your friends the Itinerary is the same as the shared West Coast Tour

Private 3hr Two Snorkel Tour
reserved just for you and your friends we visit the Underwater Sculpture Park and Flamingo Bay

Design Your Own
Add in beach stops, lunch stop, explore the South coast

Not sure what you want to do?
Tell us what you would like and we will suggest an itinerary to suit.
We can combine an adventure with lunch at a quiet waterside restaurant that has its own dock...
...or find you a beach for an exclusive private picnic.

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Underwater Sculptures
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Sightseeing & Snorkeling
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Culture & History

About Us:
Hello and welcome. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We started Grenada Seafaris after having left the UK to live the dream and travel. After a few years of sailing the Caribbean we totally fell in love with Grenada and its charming people and dropped anchor. Wanting to add something new to the tourism industry here we created our high quality adventure tour to help inform visitors about this great island and all it has to offer. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Grenada Seafaris, PO Box 1376
Grand Anse Beach, St George's, Grenada

Phone: 1 (473) 405 7800