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The list of possibilities and places to explore in Grenada is endless. Come and explore them with us. A good time and a trip to remember is guaranteed.
We take in sights like Dragon Bay, Black Bay, the Lagoon and the picturesque Carenage. We also offer snorkelers a chance to get wet at the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park in the Moliniere Beausejour Marine Protected Area. Wherever we go you can be sure that we'll look after you very well. New snorkellers can have some instruction from our PADI certified crew and a guide will be in the water with you all the times to make sure you don't miss a thing.

The reef fish know our boat and normally come looking for an easy snack which is exciting for those in the water as the fish come almost close enough to touch. Non-snorkelers are free to relax with a drink on board and listen to some Caribbean tunes or be entertained by the Captain while the others play in the water. If you have a group of non-snorkelers, we can accommodate you with a modified itinerary and maybe kick some sand on one of our quieter beaches. We have a swim ladder to help you on and off the boat easily. We also have snorkel vests and various other bouyancy aids for those that are not so confident in the water.

After a good blast back to St George's let us tell you a little bit about our Capital, voted the prettiest in the Caribbean, the buildings, the early explorers that settled from Europe and hear a fascinating story about how a cruise ship burst into flames while anchored outside St Georges and finally sank just off the town leaving us with the Titanic of the Caribbean.

Private Charters - From 1hr, Half-day to All-day Tours
For those who want something different or would like to make a group booking then why not enquire about our private charters. We offer great rates for charter and even discounts for small groups.

Not sure what you want? Tell us what you like and we will suggest an itinerary to suit. We can combine an adventure with lunch at a quiet waterside restaurant that has its own dock.....or find you a beach for an exclusive private picnic.
West Coast Tour
The ride on our vessel is nothing short of amazing, very dry and extremely smooth. Its construction means that it is fast, light, agile and quite unlike anything else in Grenada with no bashing through the seas like normal boats. We ride over the waves as only a RIB can.

As we cruise into the bays we slow down and drift for a while and your guide will tell you about, amongst other things the history, geography and ecology of the island. In between the calm and gentle cruising it's smiles all round as we dash to the next place of interest.

You will learn about the volcanic beginnings of the Caribbean, Grenada's active underwater volcano, Monkeys, Armadillos, Whales, Dolphins, Marlin and Leatherback turtles that can weigh as much as 2000lbs (that's about the same as everybody on the boat!). The diversity on and around Grenada is amazing and we will tell you about it all.
“Grenada Seafaris Powerboat Eco-Tour ” - May 11, 2012

If you are in Grenada, don't miss the chance of a lifetime.
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