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Hello and welcome. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and for reading about our company. The company was started by Howard and Suzanne Clarke, originally from the UK but who left to live the dream. After a few years sailing the Caribbean we fell in love with Grenada and its charming people. After deciding to stay we felt we could add something positive to the tourisim industry by offering a high quality adventure tour to help inform visitors about this great island and all it has to offer.

Meet your Captain - Howard Clarke
Howard is an experienced yacht Captain, a qualified RYA skipper and a RYA Powerboat Instructor. He also holds several other RYA qualifacations including Advanced Powerboat Operation. He is an accomplished scuba diver and PADI scuba instructor. Couple this with his being a qualified First Aider and an Emergency First Response Instuructor and you can be sure you are in safe hands. Howard is also the Chairman of Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management Inc. a non-profit group created to maintain and develop the underwater sculptures in Grenada's waters so if you want to experience the park with someone dedicated to developing it then he's your man.

"Hi I'm Howard and the Owner/Captain of Grenada Seafaris, When we set up
this venture we decided that our focus would be on taking small groups of
passengers and offering a very high standard of service and safety. We started
by choosing the very best boat and equipment. Next, we invested a lot of time
in creating the right mix of zooming about, in-the-water time and information.
It is always nice when people compliment us on our tours but we are always
looking to revise and improve upon what we do so it stays new and fresh. One
of my key things is safety, it isn't enough to simply buy a fast boat one day and
then load it up with passengers and set off the next. We spent a long time making
sure that everything was safe and fun. I like things done the right way, regardless
of whether it is tying a dock line, washing the boat or loading passengers. My
mantra is there's always a right and a wrong way to do it.

A holiday in the Caribbean is always special, almost never cheap, and is probably
something you will remember for a long time and so we give 100% each and every
time we leave the dock. It's a great job and I do it because I love it. Our guide
Albert is great to work with and excellent around the boat and with the passengers.
He's a great team member and the best guide I've ever worked with."

Meet your Guide - Albert Christopher
Albert has worked with us almost from the begining, he previously worked on one
of the sailing catamarans here in Grenada and his role is as crew and as your tour
guide. He lives close to some of the areas we visit and often at weekends the young
boys from Albert's village wave and call him as we pass by. The first thing you notice
about Albert is his beaming smile, it's a little infectous, he's a really smiley guy and it
makes everyone else smile. Albert is a very proud Grenadian who loves his island
and is very knowledgable.

"Hi my name is Albert, I'll be your guide during the trip. I've always loved boats and
like to work on the water. When I saw this boat arrive in Grenada I knew this was the
job for me. The only thing better than being out on the water is actually being in the
water so if we snorkel or swim I'll be coming in too. Everything is very relaxed here
and it's a wonderful place to forget about everything and just unwind. In Grenada we
call it a 'Lime' or 'Limein' It's a great place to kick back and just relax a little. I hope
to be able to share my Grenada with you soon."
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